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Real Estate Investing: Three Common Mistakes

System - Monday, May 14, 2018

For more than a few years, I’ve been closely studying, testing and tweaking online advertising for my actual investment company. As with any new venture, it took me a very long time to determine the best and the most powerful approaches to work with for the online classified internet sites including Craigslist.

For that reason, in order to save you from spending many hours and losing a large number of dollars as well,

I have decided to compile a list in the 3 biggest errors I see most real estate investors making with their advertising and marketing efforts.

Largest Mistake #1 – The Time of Day You Post…

The number one mistake I see most real estate investors creating with their online advertising is posting at the wrong time of day. Just about all totally free on the internet classified sites automatically post new listings at the very top on the page, thereby pushing older posts towards the bottom.

In other words, for those who post an ad at 6 in the morning, your post has an elevated threat of never ever becoming read by your target audience. On top of that, if you live inside a bigger city, there is a chance that your ad won’t even be located on the initial page prior to noon!  I learned this the tough way.

For many years I’d wake up and very first thing I would in the morning and post my ads. Even though it appeared I was getting this mundane process out on the way, in reality, the majority of my ads weren’t generating maximum exposure.

Secondly, I see a lot of investors posting their listings very late at night. From my experience, this occurs to be the 2nd worst time of day to post. Think of it this way. As a way to get the most significant return on your investment of time and money, you’ll want to post your ads at peak times when the majority of people are surfing these websites.

Personally, I have discovered that at noon and right after dinner are the very peak and most successfully times to post. On the other hand, it could nonetheless potentially vary for your region, so make sure you test these items initial.

Biggest Mistake #2 – The same Old same Old…

We’ve all made the mistake of posting an ad that only provides the rank and file info on the home, along with a telephone number. For example – 3 bed, 2 bath Ranch in Blank School District, with complete basement and 1 vehicle garage on ¼ acre. Call Joe at 314-555-5522. ┬ŁUnfortunately, this sort of ad doesn’t command the readers consideration or genuinely give them a purpose to obtain or excited enough to take action. As a result, you’ll want to hook them with an enticing headline, and at the same time giving them facts that could really motivate them to contact you.

Most significant Mistake #3 – No True Call to Action…

Related to mistake #2, it is actually very significant to include an actual call to action whenever you write your advertisements, (Tip – Call Don at 314-555-5522 is not a real call to action).

Here are some better examples: for your free list of foreclosures check out our webpage at, for a free virtual tour, e mail us for the cost-free list of luxury households in St Louis or get in touch with our 24 hour recorded message for much more details about our 1st time household buyer program.

In summary, I see lots of investors, agents & brokers become despondent and give up, because they simply waste their time on advertisements that go unnoticed and by no means generate a response.

However, using the online classifieds are not the problem; rather, it’s the type of marketing. By avoiding these 3 major mistakes, you will begin to witness a much stronger response and enhanced lead flow for the business