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Move Out Checklist

After your initial lease term expires, you may choose to sign a new lease, or automatically become a month-to-month tenant. Please call the main office at (314) 773.0100 to discuss your options, and responsibilities.

Please note: If you are moving out, we require a 30-day notice in writing sent to:

  • Gateway Select Properties
  • 3284 Ivanhoe Avenue
  • Suite A
  • St. Louis MO 63139

Follow these guidelines and you should get back most, if not all, of your security deposit.

In the Bathroom

  • Scrub bathtub/shower.
  • Scrub inside and outside of toilet (yuck).
  • Clean sink.
  • Dust and wash the medicine cabinet and mirror.
  • Look for any signs of leaking water or mold growth.

In the Kitchen

  • Clean and wash out cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean floor.
  • Clean countertops, backsplash and sinks.
  • Clean stove, oven, microwave and broiler.
  • Defrost the refrigerator and freezer making sure any ice trays or accessories are in place.
  • Make sure all appliances are working properly.

In the Bedroom and Living Areas

  • Clean Floor- Thoroughly vacuum, and if needed, steam clean the carpet. Check for burns or for deep stains in the carpet that didn’t exist before.
  • Clean closets

General Areas

  • Check for cracks or stains on walls.
  • Remove all tacks and/or nails from the walls and spackle the holes left behind.
  • Clean windows and window sills.
  • Make sure all electrical outlets are working properly.
  • Test ceiling fans, air conditioners and heaters to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Look for any missing switch plates or outlet covers.